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Tom Ford’s Fox Terrier

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Tom Ford and his companion of 18 years, Richard Buckley, the editor of Vogue Hommes, are going for dinner at La Dolce Vita, a Beverly Hills restaurant that has the look and dietary tastes of old Hollywood. They will sit in the George Raft booth, which is opposite the one marked “The Reagans,” and Mr. Ford will order a vodka tonic, followed by a Caesar salad and the filet mignon (“Very rare-bloody, bloody,” he will tell the elderly waiter). Across the room, above the bar, is Slim Aarons’s famous portrait of Clark Gable and Gary Cooper caught in a glamorous horse laugh.After 14 years at Gucci, 10 as creative director – a period documented in a coming book from Rizzoli – Mr. Ford is about to find out if he has a second act. Since leaving Gucci on May 1, after possibly the longest aria in fashion history, he has been reading scripts and has settled on three projects he wants to direct, including one based on a novel whose rights he has bought. He has opened an office, hired a screenwriter, and met with his agent, Bryan Lourd, of Creative Artists Agency, most recently last Tuesday.

So why is Mr. Ford, 43, sounding like the classic Chicken Little Virgo, convinced that the sky is going to fall?

“I was driving home today from the office,” he said, “and I had such a bad day, and I was thinking, God, why am I so worked up? I mean, technically, I don’t even have a job. Why am I so worked up?” Mr. Ford said. Now he is sitting in the living room of his home, a cream-colored villa designed by Richard Neutra in 1955, which he shares with Mr. Buckley and their 2-year-old fox terrier, Angus. The glass doors are open to the terrace and a slope of 50-year-old pines. Bits of eucalyptus branches crackle in the gas fireplace. Floating near his right shoulder is a black Calder mobile that once belonged to Georgia O’Keeffe, while behind him are two black Warhol shadow paintings. The room is as stylish as it is warm.

“Maybe I need to learn to slow down,” Mr. Ford continued. “Maybe it would be good for me if it took a long time to do a movie and it forced me to adjust to a different speed. The fashion business is so fast-paced. We’re absolutely insane people. It’s boom, boom, boom.” He snapped his fingers.

Then he grew quiet. “And maybe,” he said, “I’m never going to do anything again, and this will be it.”

Cathy Horyn. The New York Times. October 17, 2004.

“Angus” sunglasses. Named for Tom Ford’s fox terrier.


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June 2, 2008 at 10:10 am

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