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Intrepid fox terrier explorer in the Himalayas

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A fox terrier was one of the first Western travellers to Tibet.

Culling through the eclectic writings on Tibet left by explorers, missionaries and spiritual pilgrims, Mr. Schell gives the reader an entertaining account of the disparate Westerners who made their way to Lhasa, or tried. We are introduced to Father Ippolito Desideri, a Jesuit priest who arrived in Lhasa in 1716 after a harrowing trip across the Himalayas and who left the first comprehensive account by a Westerner of life in Tibet; Col. Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky, a Russian explorer who embarked upon five grueling and unsuccessful expeditions to reach Lhasa and eventually died of typhus on the way; and Mr. and Mrs. St. George Littledale, who set off from India in 1894 with their fox terrier, Tanny, and came within 70 miles of their quest.
Orville Schell. Review of Virtual Tibet: Searching for Shangri La, from the New York Times.


Koyal. From a soundtrack Nitin Sawhney has written for the 1920’s Indian silent film, A Roll of the Dice, based on the Mahabharata.



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