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Little Orphan Annie

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Little Orphan Annie’s dog, Sandy, is often referred to as an Airedale; but, in truth, he was part Airedale, part collie and, perhaps, part something else. He had a black left ear, a black patch on his back and a white tip on his tail. Annie discovered Sandy in 1925, the year after the comic strip bearing her name had first appeared in American newspapers. Sandy was just a pup then, being teased by a gang of boys behind Mrs. Bottle’s store. Because Annie wasn’t allowed to bring the pup into the Bottle house, where Annie was staying, she gave Sandy to Paddy Lynch to look after. Sandy was living with Lynch when Annie fled the Bottle residence and hit the road for the first time. During that adventure Annie was kidnaped by gypsies, who were treating her poorly when Sandy, now full grown, came to her rescue. From then on Annie and her dog were virtually inseparable.



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June 17, 2008 at 10:46 pm

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