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Uncle Ralph, writer for television

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THE diversions in the writers’ room of the FX series “Damages” are countless: there’s a football, a dartboard, a futon, a television and a golf putter that inspired a scene. But none are louder than Uncle Ralph, the schnoodle rescued from the streets of Brooklyn that belongs to Todd A. Kessler, one of three creators and executive producers.Uncle Ralph barks at the printer, Mr. Kessler said, which the team members at first took as “a quality-control thing,” until they realized that he barked at every page that came out. “Either we only write bad pages, or it’s in his DNA,” Mr. Kessler said. “He just doesn’t like the show.” Given that the scheming lawyer Patty Hewes, played by Glenn Close, killed a dog in the first season, maybe it’s with good reason.

Uncle Ralph doesn’t seem to object to the dry-erase boards that line the room, however. They reflect “a visual depiction of our minds, and none of us can figure out what anyone else is saying,” Mr. Kessler said.

New York Times

Schnoodle characteristics, from Wikipedia

The schnoodle mixes the intellect of the Poodle with the companionship and devotion of the Schnauzer. Schnoodles are very astute. They may, for example, react very strongly when the owner simply glances to the floor for his or her shoes, or the sound of the clanking of car keys; the dog knows that this can be a precursor to the owner leaving the home on some errand. This intelligence (which can range from introspective and analytical, to raw and instinctual depending on the specific dog), coupled with the terrier desire to please the owner, makes most schnoodles easily trainable. The vocabulary of a schnoodle is quite impressive, considering they are able to pick up phrases, such as “go get your toy” with ease. Their high intelligence can also assist in participating in dog sports such as agility and obedience. While mischievous, schnoodles are fun-loving, energetic dogs.

Snow Schnoodle. Photograph by Joe Cool at Flickr. 


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