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Chained Hound by Wendy Klemperer

Hardware as Art Display in Brooklyn

One night last month, Joe Franquinha (who moonlights as Maddie, the canine mascot of the New York Liberty women’s basketball team) closed the store after the last customer left and turned the artists loose to set up their work. They didn’t have to worry much about equipment for mounting their work, since anything they might need – screws of any length, wire filament, not to mention power tools – could be found on the store shelves.Some of the pieces have already been sold. The store takes no commissions, and the prices of the artwork (from $20 to $9,800) are not posted; interested customers must ask at the cash register.

One of the more dramatic pieces on display is “Chained Hound,” by Wendy Klemperer. Bolted to a wall, frozen in mid-snarl and lunge, the dog is made of welded scrap metal and rebar and partly covered with a plaster skin.

This is Ms. Klemperer’s third year in the show. In her first year, 1996, she modified a metal sculpture of a dog to make it more consistent with the aesthetic of the show, welding nails to its body and giving it raised hackles.

“It was startling,” she said, “and it had a different presence to it, and I later noticed that the silhouette of the sculpture had a real affecting quality

New York Times. July 6, 2008


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