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Spooks portrays Daisy Bumstead

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The movie dog with the greatest personality of all time is a completely unknown to most people. In fact, the movies themselves are hardly known to most. Long before Linda Hunt won an Oscar for playing a man, Spooks the dog should have won a doggie Oscar for playing Daisy the dog in the series of Blondie movies made in the 40s.

The Blondie film series was about as perfectly cast as any movie based on recognizable characters could ever hope to be. It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Penny Singleton playing Blondie and as for Arthur Lake, well, it’s as if he channeled Dagwood Bumstead. In addition, Larry Simms as Baby Dumpling, later named Alexander as he grew older, is probably the least cloying and annoying child actor of his time, maybe of all time. And then there’s Daisy.

Daisy, the Bumsteads’ dog, appeared in all the movies and was a vital component in all of them. This dog was truly amazing, able to express more range than Keanu Reeves and Bruce Willis combined. Well, okay, that’s not really all that amazing. Daisy was able to portray excitement, fear, and joy more expressively than Reeves, Willis and every actor who is even tenuously related to the Brat Pack. Then toss in the cast of Friends as well. What I’m saying is that Daisy could act rings around not only every other movie canine, but 95% of the actors making movies today.

Timothy Sexton. April 9, 2006


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