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Ludwig Bemelmans takes his fox terrier to lunch

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One morning I took a long walk with my dog, Bosy, and stopped for lunch at La Victoire. Paris is nice to dogs. They are allowed to run free in most of the parks and on the streets and are admitted into all the restaurants that I know.

The proprietor came, rubbing his hands, and said to me, “Monsieur, I can recommend so and so and this and that” – and then he said, “And your son, what does he desire to eat?” (“Your son” is the form of address for a dog in Paris.) I said, “Oh, give him anything.” The proprietor tilted his head and put his hands together and he said, “Perhaps a little meat, some vegetable in a little broth?” I said yes, that would be very nice.

The meal was served, for both the master and the dog. Bosy received great care – a napkin was placed on the floor and on it a silver bowl – and he ate with appetite. The headwaiter bent and talked to him, and the waiter picked up the empty dish and with the napkin wiped Bosy’s mouth. I lit a cigar with the coffee and asked for the bill. I hate to look at restaurant bills and add them up, and the bill must really be outrageous before I make a fuss. But this one was. I called the waiter and said, “I’m afraid you gave me the wrong bill.” “No, no, monsieur, that is your bill.” I said, “But I only had the menu here – at one thousand two hundred francs – and who had the steak at five hundred, the string beans at one hundred and the consomme at eighty; and besides, you charge for two covers.”

“Ah, monsieur, the second – that is for your son’s lunch,” he said. I had to pay.

Ludwig Bemelmans. La Bonne Table.


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August 8, 2008 at 8:15 am

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