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The Scotty Who Knew Too Much

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A terrier named Thurber

Several summers ago there was a Scotty who went to the country for a visit. He decided that all the farm dogs were cowards because they were afraid of a certain animal that had a white stripe down its back. “You are a pussy-cat and I can lick you,” the Scotty said to the farm dog who lived in the house where the Scotty was visiting. “I can lick the little animal with the white stripe, too. Show him to me.” “Don’t you want to ask any questions about him?” said the farm dog. “Naw,” said the Scotty. “You ask the questions.”

… the Scotty gets skunked, then needled by a porcupine …

“But at least I have learned how you fight out here in the coutnry, and now I’m going to beat you up,” said the Scotty to the farm dog. So he closed in on the farm dog, holding his nose with one front paw to ward off the vitriol and covering his eyes with the other front paw to keep out the knives. The Scotty couldn’t see his opponent and he couldn’t smell his opponent and he was so badly beaten that he had to be taken back to the city and put in a nursing home.

Moral: It is better to ask some of the questions than to know all the answers.

James Thurber. Fables For Our Time


Written by aterrier

August 10, 2008 at 1:45 am

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