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John Baldessari’s sous chef is a labrador

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John Baldessari: Dog (Blue), Canoe/Shark Fins (One Yellow), Capsized Boat’, 2001, lithograph

I call it the Baldessari 6-minute 30-second Boiled egg ritual. Time, place: Ambiance is important – kitchen with view of garden – 6.30a.m., the L.A. and New York Times, filtered coffee (Peet’s), filtered water, no cream. My dog (Labrador) matches floor colour), dozing. Dress: T-shirt, gym shorts, moccasins.

I usually do it perfectly. Sometimes my dog will awake and bark at a squirrel outside. The outside door must be closed or else I hear my neighbour’s wind chimes. No sound except for opera, off cable tv (easier than hunting for a cd).

I’ve been a year working on an egg white omelet. Too many variations, and each must be perfect.

Upon reading this I realize it is really an attempt to do something perfectly and flawlessly. Everything else during any day is dicey, although my plan each day is to have that day go perfectly. (I suppose it’s one of the reasons I do art.) What it boils down to is micro-utopia.

John Baldessari. Yours in Food


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August 13, 2008 at 11:17 pm

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