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Jeff Scher’s dog days

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Jeff Scher is a Brooklyn-based experimental filmmaker and painter.

Dog Days

The dog days of summer are those hot and humid days that humble man and beast alike. I wanted to make a film that gave the feeling of surrendering to the heat of an August afternoon. Dogs, locked in fur coats all year ’round, look extra hot in the summer, so using them struck me as a good way to represent the way we feel. . . .

I love dogs and painting them is always interesting. One minute they seem so human, listening to you or interacting on an emotional level, and the next minute they’re drinking out of the toilet or rolling around on a dead squirrel. And they are always game — when it isn’t too hot out. Sid, the Boston terrier in this film, starred in a previous film of mine, called “Sid,” proves this point.

From The New York Times



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August 19, 2008 at 11:25 pm

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