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Snowy, the first dog on the moon

Explorers on the Moon (1954) is the first story recounting a space voyage and the exploration of our satellite by Tintin and his companions, fifteen years before Commander Neil Armstrong ! A remarkably well documented science fiction story with an incredible visionary precision.

Igloo, Polar Explorer

 He was an ordinary Smooth Fox Terrier who performed no tricks, heroic deeds, nor appeared in any movies and could have been any ordinary canine owned by any American youngster. The animal was a stray found by a friend of famous explorer Rear Admiral Byrd who beseeched him to give the animal a home knowing he loved dogs. The terrier became his constant companion and accompanied Byrd on his first Antarctic expedition in 1928 where he received the moniker “Igloo” and the nickname “Iggy.” Byrd named the Arctic base “Little America” and the terrier was his companion during solitude while holed up during the grueling Antarctic winter when he wrote two published accounts detailing the hardships and successes of the endeavor. The dog had to be specially dressed for the polar blizzards. Upon return to New York City, he rode down Broadway with his master showered with ticker tape and later presented to President Herbert Hoover at the White House. Igloo was mentioned in books about the expedition as well as frequently the subject of news dispatches. With the terrier aboard, aviation history was made. In 1926, the first flight over the mythical home of Santa Claus, The North Pole (Pole consists of no land but a sea of ice). In 1929, originating from the Arctic “Little America” base, the first flight over the South Pole was made. Interesting footnotes…A book entitled simply “Igloo” was published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons in 1931. It was intended mainly for juvenile readers and consisted of numerous illustrations by Diana Thorne highlighting the story of the terrier as he accompanied Byrd on his expeditions. Children around the world were enamored with the Fox Terrier.

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