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fox terriers sing

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Skippy as Mr Smith and Cary Grant in “The Awful Truth”

Bailey on YouTube



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June 9, 2008 at 1:27 pm

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George finds the Intercostal Clavicle

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June 4, 2008 at 10:54 am

Skippy profiled, 1938

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From The American Magazine. 1938

Movie actresses stroke Skippy lovingly. They coo at him and murmur endearing terms in his ears. He takes it all in his stride, because, what with contracts, options, and exacting work before the movie cameras, he hasn’t much time for the attentions of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars. But if he’s paid for it and given the proper cue he will snuggle in the arms of the loveliest of stars, gaze into her limpid eyes, and, if necessary – howl.
Skippy, a smart little wire-haired terrier, is one of the leading stars in pictures. He leads a glamorous life – a dog’s life de luxe. He is rated as one of the smartest dogs in the world, and when contracts are signed for his appearance in a picture he gets $200 a week for putting his paw-print on the dotted line. His trainer gets a mere $60.
His owner is Mrs. Gale Henry East, once a prominent movie comedienne. … “When Skippy has to drink water in a scene, the first time he does it he really drinks, If there are retakes and he’s had all the water he can drink, he’ll go through the scene just as enthusiastically as though his throat were parched, but he’ll fake it. If you watch closely you’ll see he’s just going through the motions of lapping and isn’t really picking up water at all. And, because he has a sense of humor, he loves it when you laugh and tell him you’ve caught him faking but that it’s all right with you.
“Treat a dog kindly and he’ll do anything in the world for you.”
In an interesting gaffe, at one point when Cary Grant wrestles and plays with “Mr. Smith” in The Awful Truth, he can be heard distinctly calling him “Skippy.”


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