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August and Caravaggio

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[Caravaggio] stole a dark-red fox terrier and named it August. A summer robbery. The dog was his salvation. He had a quick bark, like an exclamation, one announcement, take it or leave it – enough warning for his master as far as the dog was concerned. …

They had not been invited. Caravaggio was eating canapes with his left hand and patting women on the ass with his right. When the orchestra’s playing brought out the couples Caravaggio lifted his dog into his arms and waltzed among them, kissing him wildly, exclaiming over the beauty of his moles. For the next hour he danced with women who noted to themselves the odour of hound on his neck.

In The Skin of a Lion. Michael Ondaatje.


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June 6, 2008 at 8:34 am

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