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Ralph Lauren recommends the Yorkshire Terrier

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Brands should work to establish a certain lifestyle among their consumers. Ralph Lauren sells an entire lifestyle for consumers who seek a rather sophisticated and Ivy League-ish image. Ralph Lauren sells anything and everything nowadays — not just clothes anymore. The “Ralph” lines include everything from paints and sheets to furniture. If you’ve ever read the magazines or gone to the website, there are fashion tips for the body and home.
There is even a list of the most important luxuries of Ralph Lauren, from a rare copy of The Great Gatsby to a night under the stars. According to Ralph Lauren, the best dog to own is the Yorkshire terrier! So, not only can you dress Ralph Lauren, now you can live Ralph Lauren! Ralph Lauren made itself an experience.




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June 22, 2008 at 12:15 pm

Airedales in Ralph Lauren ads

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From left, Loudwell Purple Heather (Zara) and CH. Loudwell Right Hand Man (Nicol) in 1985 at Heron Bay House, Barbados. Famous fashion photographer Bruce Weber used the two, but primarily Nicol for the new Ralph Lauren ‘Polo’ campaign. Though the dogs were supposed to pose for one hour, Bruce asked for them back day after day for a week. This was one of the episodes where Bruce asked the models to leave so he could shoot the dogs alone.
They had asked for two Boxers, Dobes and Shepherds as well. However, to OUR glee, none of those breeds proved suitable for the Lauren campaign. Bruce used the Airedales exclusively. He later said he wanted to “speak to Ralph about making the Airedale the ‘Polo’ mascot.” Yes! Airedales!
From Airedales in Barbados

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June 13, 2008 at 1:05 pm

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