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Homage to Snoopy

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Owners Phil and Sharon Cook, both in their 40s, mocked up the miniature plane for a Hallowe’en party, but Stanley enjoyed it so much that they can be seen trundling around the streets near their home in Leigh, Essex.

Mrs Cook said: ‘Stanley loves it. We decided to go for a Spitfire as a nod towards Remembrance Day. ‘He is content to sit in the cockpit and watch the world go by.’

The plane is made from an old holdall attached to a skateboard, while Stanley’s flying hat is fashioned from an old cuddly toy. Mr Cook said: ‘I reckon people think Stanley’s as barking as his owners.’


Snoopy has been known by fans as a time traveler in which his most famous alter-ego is as the World War I Flying Ace, often seen battling his arch-enemy, Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron). For this, he would climb to the top of his doghouse, don goggles and a scarf (trailing behind in the “wind”), and thus fly his Sopwith Camel (the type of plane flown by Arthur “Roy” Brown, who was credited with shooting down the Red Baron in World War I, and whose surname matches that of Snoopy’s owner) and travel all the way back to July 27, 1914 the day World War I began. The Red Baron, like other adult figures in Peanuts, was never drawn in a strip; his presence was indicated through the bullet holes that would riddle the doghouse in a dogfight, and Snoopy’s angry outbursts in German: (usually accompanied by fist-shaking and “Curse you Red Baron” while his “Sopwith Camel” doghouse plummets to earth trailing smoke). In I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown Charlie Brown’s sister Sally Brown jumps on the doghouse and flies with Snoopy.


Snoopy and the Red Baron by the Royal Guardsmen


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